Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Foxy locks extensions review!

Hey girls well we all want that long, thick volumised hair don't we?! I've got quite thin middle length hair and have always always wanted long thick hair.
I had extensions for when I used to have red hair but I never bothered with them unless I was going to a big party or something , anyway since my hair is now dark brown I thought I'd go searching again.

Foxy locks extensions is owned by Imogen who has a channel on YouTube ( that's how I first come across her) she seems really sweet an genuine, and will help you match a colour if you send her a picture via twitter, so I took the gamble and bought my extensions online in the colour #2 darkest brown, This is my hair before..

It finishes just at the bottom of the photo, it is thin that I have ruined it quite alot due to excessive backcombing! Now this is my hair!

I love them!! (sorry rubbish photos) They are so thick and soft and amazing quality, this was taken about 10 mins after I got them in the post haha I was that excited, I need to get them cut a few inches so that that they don't look too fake as these are 20 inches.

I really recommend these from Imogen and they have a great colour range and really affordable! I shall update with a new pic when I have curled them! Xo