Sunday, 31 October 2010

In's and Out's

Hey girls just thought i'd do a quick whats in and whats out in my world!


  • Nail polish- im so into polish at the moment i went off it for a while and stuck to french style but im loving colour !
  • X Factor - Who couldnt love the x-factor, my fave is Rebecca fellow scouse :)
  • Christmas feeling-its getting closer and will start my christmas shopping soon!
  • Scented candles - lovelovelove my room smelling of spiced apples
  • MAC pro palette loving - currently obsessed in filling as many eyeshadow palettes as i can haha 

  • Halloween - sorry but i never do anything for halloween and find it a bit overrated!
  • models own "snow white" - this polish was sooo streaky i gave up
  • Work - working when people are on half terms is the worst thing ever, wanting to be somewhere else when you cant be :(
  • waiting 5 months for Florida- SUCKS. 
  • Odd socks - losing all my fluffy socks and wearing odd colours.  

Friday, 29 October 2010

pearly queen = chip free!

Sorry i havent posted alot this week, ive been sooo busy in work its unbelievable! Anyway i thought i would update you girls, the haul i posted on Sunday i mentioned that i had bought Models Own polish "pearly queen" well as soon as i got home i opted to paint my nails in this as it would be a good colour for work as its not too bright !

Well it is now Friday night and this little baby is chip free! yes i cannot believe it 5 days! , ive never had a polish on this long,especially when i work in a coffee shop so im washing my hands all the time ect. I applied the Barry M 3 in 1 as a base coat then applied 2 thin layers of the pearly queen then a top coat of the same Barry M and my nails are so strong! 
I have used Models own polishes before and they have not lasted this long, so girls i really rate the method that i used especially with the Barry M as i think that is the problem solver and at £2.99 were all winners!


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Drugstore Haul

Ok so i took a little trip to Boots to get some goodies, heres what i picked up.

Boots nail buffer- simply coz i needed a new one :)
Ms Manicure nail file- this is a really good file
Barry M topcoat,basecoat, hardener- i needed a new clear polish and thought you cant pass on a 3- in -1 !
Models own "snow white" - standard white polish, but love the name
Models own "pearly queen" - this turn colours in the light like a pearl, gorgeous formulation i love it for simple nails
Natural collection "lunar haze" - i got this after seeing fleurdeforce wearing and talking about it in lots of videos and its only £1.79!!


Thursday, 21 October 2010

favourite youtube guru??

hey everyone, i thought i would just do this quick post to see who everyones fave youtube guru is, and some good new recommendations for me!
I have been watching gurus for probably about a year now, maybe a little over and i love it! i love watching new tips and especially hauls. I dont know about everyone else but i have a favourite few that im subscribed to and i tend to just watch out for their new videos and never search for new gurus i have never seen before.

 My favourite are:
  • Elle & Blair Fowler
  • lollipop26
  • xsparkage
  • makeupbytiffanyd
  • makeupbymel
  • fleurdeforce
My all time fave was Michele1218 for she recently quit and that makes me really sad :(

Do you guys share any of my favourites? if not what are yours.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

NYX Haul

In the UK we dont have access to NYX as easy as the US do so i waited for a few months to get a list off things i wanted and did a big (ish) order from

It sooo was not easy choosing products from the thousand they have! especially when the colour swatches arent that accurate but this is what i recieved in the post today!

This is the single powder blush in "dusty rose" it is a gorgeous strong pink colour when it swatches and i think will look beautiful on the cheeks.

Jumbo eye pencils in "milk" and "iced mocha"- i couldnt wait to get these, i have wanted milk for ages, and i think this is a must have for most guru's on the net! also iced mocha is such a lovely colour, and im going to use it as a base for my gold/brown shadows to make the colour more prominant.

Round Lipglosses (from  L-R) pinky natural, real nude and whipped. I chose these 3 colours as im really into pinky or natural lip colours at the moment, i tried pinky natural on before and the colour is soooo nice and not sticky at all.

Round lipsticks (from L-R) Fig, circe and heather.
Sorry the photo isnt the best quality its on my iphone! Heather isnt the colour i expected from the swatch on the website, i think it may be a little dark for me but we will see! the other 2 colours i love, circe is a real good nude lip colour and fig is a great bright pink! these are really moisturizing on your lips aswell love them!

from L-R
B31 shadow/smokey small - this is sucha great "stubby" as i would call it, brush for blending and making the perfect smokey eye.

B30 shadow/point - this is a bit smaller than i expected but the brush is great quality and i think i will use this for my brows.

small slanted eye brush - this is from the professional range and is such good quality! its definately my fave brush for coloured eyeliner for my lower lashline or again for my brows.

Over all i will definately be buying products from NYX again, but going to wait until i have alot of products that i want as shipping from America is more expensive, i would say everybody checks out the website and gets ordering!


Monday, 18 October 2010

Quick! head to Tkmaxx!

When i was shopping yesterday i was browsing the cosmetics in Tkmaxx and saw they currently have benefit discontinued lipglosses in. I only noticed 2 colours a very dark gloss and a peachy colour which i purchased, the rrp is £11.99 and they are on sale for £5.99.

They also have Nails inc polishes- a box of 3 for £15, or 10 mini polish for £17 which is AMAZING. there were a few different colour ranges too so they werent all the same colours in each box.

You need to get down to your nearest now!


Sunday, 17 October 2010


Essie  - Lovie Dovie
Lovelovelove this polish, its definately one of my fave from my collection. its such a gorgeous barbie pink and the formulation is quite good. Essie polishes are known for not having the best formulation as they can be quite streaky but if you be patient and let each coat dry then its great! plus this colour is totally worth it !


Her name was Glowla..

yay i got it!

On a previous post i talked about this new limited edition palette from Benefit. I went shopping today and found it in my Debenhams in Liverpool for £29.50! so of course i got it and i LOVE it.

i think the coralista blush is my fave part of it! :)


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Simple EOTD..

This is a very very simple eye look, that i wear most days. It is suitable for work without the added under eye colour or great for a night out using brighter colours.
It only takes 5-10 minutes but is very effective! Heres the products i used :

  • LA colors palette in "desert dune"- this is from a US website and was about £4, the colours are great and have great pay off, they have this palette in about 10 different shades. I used the middle colour all over the lid with the first colour in the inner corners.
  • Urban Decay primer potion - this is just a mini version i got with the naked palette, i think this is the best primer around that keeps your shadow on all day.
  • Sephora "flashy liner waterproof" in the colour 07 flashy copper- i used this colour for under my eyes, it is a gorgeous gold colour and stays on all day.
  • Loreal super liner, liquid eyeliner- this is a really easy liquid eyeliner to use! im certaintly not the best at applying liquid liner but i find this one really good, its also super black.
  • Finally Benefit Badgal lash mascara- this isnt my fave mascara but i love using it when i want my lashes very black and dramatic.

I hope you like this look, i know its not for everyone but its just really easy and pretty!

5 things im loving right now..

Urban Decay Naked Palette - obviously everybody has seen this! its been my go to palette since i got it and i love it. my fave shadow is "toasted" blending upwards with "virgin" highlighting my brow bone and tear duct.

Models own "Mystic Mauve" - This is definately my fave polish at the moment, and at £5 its a bargain. This really has staying power- it lasted 5 days on me without chipping, using nails inc caviar topcoat! I love the silvery/purple colour of this!

MAC Snob Lipstick - I dont really purchase lipsticks alot as i prefer lipglosses, but having seen this on so many other beauty blogs i had to have it! The colour is such a gorgeous pale pink and really makes you stand out.

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy perfume - Such a nice scent, i bought this in duty free this year and i think it was 60 euros ( so on the higher end of the market) i love this though, its fresh and well, juicy! plus the packaging is soooo cute.

NYX mosiac blush powder in "plum" - Ive used this every day for nearly a month and i love it, i love the fact there are lots of colour you can swirl together or use each colour seperately. The plummy colour is perfect for this season and it was only £4 !

Benefit - Limited Edition

Is anybody else excited by this Benefit "her name was glowla" limited edition palette??

  • It includes the gorgeous coralista blush and brush.
  • 5 eyeshadow colours
  • A gorgeous pinky/nude lipgloss
  • Badgal lash mascara
  • Highbeam
  • Moonbeam
  • aaaand a cute double ended brush applicator.
Its is currently on the official Benefit website for £29.50 which is a GREAT price.
I think a purchase is in order :)


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

An Introduction..

To some of my fave celebs that i love to steal looks from.

Cheryl Tweedy

Obviously everyl girl in the UK loves cheryl at the moment, her glamorous hair and flawless makeup is perfect!

Miley Cyrus

Her young and edgy style is to die for, she can change her look from pretty and girly, to edgy and rock and still look beautiful.

 Kim Kardashian

In my eyes one of, if not the most beautiful woman on the planet!
hello flawless face, hello perfect wavy hair, hello best brows ever! need i say more.

Ashley Olsen

She wears natural makeup 90% of the time, and that is what she is loved for! naturally stunning !


American Apparel - Palm Springs Polish.

I bought this polish a while back when the hype of the AA polish started, at the time i got the 3 for £17 (i think) deal which was a bargain! This was my fave out of the colours i chosen.

The formulation is great and was opaque in 2 coats, it also dried very quickly.
I have to say this doesnt have the lasting power of other polishes i have, but the colour is worth it anyway!


First blog post!

Hi guys, after months of reading my favourite blogs from people such as lollipop26 and Blair Fowler i decided to create my own! This for me will be a place to tell you guys about my fave products/upcoming products and to just share my love of makeup/cosmetics!
I am far too shy to create a youtube channel, as much as i would love to so i hope this will do !

Beth xo