Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Manchester shopping trip.

I went to Manchester on Monday with my mum to go shopping, id been saving for quite some time to had a fair amount of money to spend, i was aiming to some xmas shopping but that failed miserably!
Heres some of my purchases (only the purchases worthy for a photo, i didnt want to include sock, gloves ect ha)

  • I went a bit mad in Selfridges food hall and was a sucker for the american food section as always, i bought 3 boxes of lucky charms as i looove them.
  • Stopped off at Disney and got that gorge minnie mouse beaker :)
  • Some nail stickers in pink leopard print, and benefit's Hoola bronzer (ive suprisingly never had this)
  • The new Rihanna album, and Glee Christmas album.
  • next i bought 3 models own nail polishes, this brand is my fave at the moment, despite some rubbish colours, they dry really quickly and the brush is good, i got , golddigger, champagne and purple ash!
  • Lush's snow fairy, could only buy a small bottle as they were out of stock of larger ones :(
  • A new Tiffany necklace, yes Tiffany :) i have always loved Tiffany, and recieved my first piece last year, and really want to collect them. Heres a closer look...

I also went to the MAC counter in selfridges, but that will be my next blog post! 
hope your all well 

Sunday, 21 November 2010


This is my fav nail polish ever!!

China glaze - for Audrey. This is such a famous polish as it matches the classic tiffany blue colour. I use this with the nails inc caviar top coat and it lasts a good 3 days! I bought this on eBay for a very cheap price of £5 ! Keep a look out for it as it is very rare :) Xo

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A few new purchases..

I popped into my local Boots today just for a look around, not going for anything specific.
Here is what i picked up..

I have heard about the "good things" skin care range before but have never actually tried anything from the line. I decided to pick up the Mattifying moistuiser. It smells devine, and the tube is pretty big so for £7.99 i think this is a really good buy, i will update you in a week so about how i find the product on my skin.

The next is the Umberto Giannini range, i got backcomb in a bottle ages ago and i love it, i have repurchased it a few times, and next really wanted the dry shampoo, so thats what i got , i have heard such good reviews about it im hoping it will take over my love for Batiste.In Boots at the moment its 2 UG products for £7.50 , so considering 1 product is £5.50 i thought it would be silly not to pick up something else, so i chose the extreme hairspray, i actually havent read a review about this at all, but im a sucker for volume and big hair, so im hoping this was a good buy!


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

2 Unloved products!

Firstly this is only my opinion and these products could look great on others!, just not on me..
first up..

Benefit's Dandelion powder - I bought this thinking it was a really pretty pink beauty powder, but the pay off isnt all that good. Its way to shimmery for me and leaves sparkles everywhere. some people may like that but i prefer a much more matte finish and i felt this left me glittery, also the brush isnt good.

next up Models Own, "Fuzzy Peach" - Bought this in the summer expected a nice peachy coral colour, started to apply it and it is a horrible neon orange. I hate neon polishes and expecially orange. The formulation was also rubbish, it was streaky and needed at least 3 coats ! I normally LOVE models own polishes but i think this is a baddy.