Wednesday, 10 November 2010

2 Unloved products!

Firstly this is only my opinion and these products could look great on others!, just not on me..
first up..

Benefit's Dandelion powder - I bought this thinking it was a really pretty pink beauty powder, but the pay off isnt all that good. Its way to shimmery for me and leaves sparkles everywhere. some people may like that but i prefer a much more matte finish and i felt this left me glittery, also the brush isnt good.

next up Models Own, "Fuzzy Peach" - Bought this in the summer expected a nice peachy coral colour, started to apply it and it is a horrible neon orange. I hate neon polishes and expecially orange. The formulation was also rubbish, it was streaky and needed at least 3 coats ! I normally LOVE models own polishes but i think this is a baddy.