Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Manchester shopping trip.

I went to Manchester on Monday with my mum to go shopping, id been saving for quite some time to had a fair amount of money to spend, i was aiming to some xmas shopping but that failed miserably!
Heres some of my purchases (only the purchases worthy for a photo, i didnt want to include sock, gloves ect ha)

  • I went a bit mad in Selfridges food hall and was a sucker for the american food section as always, i bought 3 boxes of lucky charms as i looove them.
  • Stopped off at Disney and got that gorge minnie mouse beaker :)
  • Some nail stickers in pink leopard print, and benefit's Hoola bronzer (ive suprisingly never had this)
  • The new Rihanna album, and Glee Christmas album.
  • next i bought 3 models own nail polishes, this brand is my fave at the moment, despite some rubbish colours, they dry really quickly and the brush is good, i got , golddigger, champagne and purple ash!
  • Lush's snow fairy, could only buy a small bottle as they were out of stock of larger ones :(
  • A new Tiffany necklace, yes Tiffany :) i have always loved Tiffany, and recieved my first piece last year, and really want to collect them. Heres a closer look...

I also went to the MAC counter in selfridges, but that will be my next blog post! 
hope your all well