Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Some faves from my ring collection..

Hi girls, my current obsession is rings, so thought id just show you a FEW of my faves :)

 Primark - £3

 Market in Spain 10 Euros

 Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ring - Duty free £30

Forever 21 around $5

 Forever 21 around $5

Forever 21 $8

Primark £3 (with earrings)


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Minnie Mouse :)

Animal Kingdom, Florida :)


U.S Mascara Haul

Hey Girls, Finally ive got time to sit down and start blogging again!
I got back from Florida 3 weeks ago now, and as you can imagine whilst i was there i done a lot of shopping!
especially makeup shopping!
I was mostly trying to shop for products that we dont have in the UK, that way its more exciting and special.
I will be doing a few more posts like this in the next few weeks, inlcuding a U.S nail polish haul.

So to start here are the mascaras i picked up..

Covergirl - Lash Blast Volume

This is a much talked about mascara, and its brilliant! The applicator is more comb like than brush, but it works really well on seperating your lashes and really makes them volumised!
I bought this in Walgreens and it was around $9.

Prestige - My Blackest Lashes

I Love this Mascara! The brush applicator is quite big but the perfect size, this gives you intense black, long and volumised lashes.
This was from Ulta and was $6.50!!!

Fairydrops - Scandal Queen

I had only heard of this right before i went away, im glad i did otherwise i wouldnt of really taken notice of it as its not a brand i have ever heard before.
The packaging is gorgeous and the applicator is so strange, its like 3 balls in a curve shape, but it really is good to catch every lash and it keep my lashes curled all day.
From Sephora for $24.

MAC- Zoom Lash

I know this available in the UK, but i still thought id include it as i got it in a MAC set from the store in the Florida Mall. I have used this before years ago but didnt really like it, this time around i do!
The wand is quite small and thin but is really useful for an easy application and no mess, it makes your lashes very black and very long.
MAC set that also included a lip gloss, 2 shadows and a powder $40

(I also got the Maybelline Great Lash mascara that you can buy here but was only $5 in the states so couldnt pass on buying a couple of backups)


Saturday, 9 April 2011

I'm Back!!

Hey girls, well im back from Florida and it was amazing! Im so gutted to be home and Disney is all i can think about at the moment!
I got back on Monday afternoon and was straight back to work on Tuesday morning which sucked.
I will be updating my blog again regularly now that im home and will have some great haul posts and reviews of some US products i bought, as well as looking at some of my holiday snaps!

I need to upload all my piccies onto my laptop first so my next post should be in a few days!
I also started a new VTCT level 2 cosmetic makeup 16 week fastrack course on friday night and i love it! It will be completed around August so i will then be a level 2 makeup artist and can hopefully persue the career ive always wanted!



Thursday, 17 March 2011

My 21st and update!

Hey girls well its my 21st today :) and im off to Florida this Sunday (eeeek) as my present off of my parents, i havent been updating recently as ive been working lots and getting ready for my hols, but once im home everything will be back to normal and i will have a lot of US hauls :)

See you then !!

loves xo

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My US Holiday Shopping List!

Hey Girls im off to Florida on the 20th March for my 21st Birthday present! There are lot'ssssss of things that i want to make i sure i get whilst over there and thought id share with you..

Sephora by OPI - Ive wanted to try these for ages, so i will definately be picking up a few of these !

Sephora LashStash Deluxe sampler mascara set - This contains 10 high end deluxe mascara samples, which i think is perfect for trying out new mascaras! ive wanted this for ages as ive seen it on youtube videos so i will be buying this pronto.

Bath & Body Works candles - oh how i have been in desperate need of these! again caused from the many gurus on youtube talking about these, i really need to get some ! aswell as the sprays and shower gels, i mostly want the candles. Though i think i wil have to get the smaller ones as the large ones may be a bit heavy in my suitcase ha!

Juicy Couture Dame Sunglasses- There is a Juicy store right opposite the hotel..need i say more ;)

PINK by Victorias Secret - The hoodies the bottoms, and obviously the original victorias secret underwear is a must. I also want to pick up some of the beauty stuff.

Now they are the most wanted things, i obviously am going to buy more as i want to go to Forever 21, Old Navy and Ulta to get some US drugstore products from the likes of EOS, Milani, Wet and Wild, Stila ect woo im so excited any other things i should put on my list??


Friday, 4 March 2011

A Late February Favourites!

  • GOSH - Darling lipstick
  • Good Things moisturiser
  • MAC - Gentle mineralize blush
  • MAC - Studio finish concealer NW20
  • Benefit 'it stick' concealer
  • MAC chromographic eyeliner 
  • MAC 217 brush
  • Bourjois pink tweezers
  • China Glaze 'cheers to you' polish.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My recent nail designs..

Hey girls!

The past few weeks i thought i would switch up my boring one colour nails and try some nail art. I have never really tried before just because i thought i wouldnt be that good or because im too impatient.
I tried doing some leopard nails last week and this is how it turned out..

Now i certainly know these are not was my first time at them and i liked them for the fact id never tried it before. I used topshop "big smoke" as the base colour, a random white rimmel colour and then liquid eyeliner, i got lots of compliments whilst i had my nails like this and i loved it ! Next time i am going to make the leopard spots as such a lot smaller and also do some gold ones aswell as white!

next i used my barry m instant nail effects for the first time! i got it the day it was released but ive never been sure if i actually like the crackle look or not. Since then i keep seeing swatches and reviews of the new china glaze crackle polishes so i thought it would use it !

I actually like how this came out, i only painted a really thin coat as i wanted the crackles to be small not really chunky. The base coat colour is chine glaze "cheers to you". I do really like this now and regret not using it sooner!

Do you have any crackle polishes?


Friday, 18 February 2011

Just a quick update!

Hi girls, I haven't been that active on blog this past week. Half of the reason is because we have new owners in my work, which means lots of hard work and extra effort put in which mean extra hours , therefore I come home have tea then go to bed lol!!

The second reason is that my parents went on holiday last weekend and have Taken my camera that I use ! I will try and do some posts with my iPhone but it's really not the best quality! All will resume as normal from next week :)
hope your all well.


Monday, 14 February 2011

My Valentines Presents!!

Hey girls,
Me and Boyfriend have been together for 4 years soon, and he always treats me on valentines day but i was so suprised when these got delivered to me at work today!!

The biggest, prettiest bunch of pink and red flowers and some Tiffany earrings!! These are them..

Aren't I a lucky girl!! :)


Friday, 11 February 2011

Top 3 Hair Saviours!

Hey Girls, i dont really blog about hair as it has always come after makeup to me, but recently i got extensions sewn in so i have to pay waaay more attention to it now.
Naturally my hair is very curly and if brushed frizzy, so i have straightened it constantly for about 4 years!
I have found these 3 products the best for my hair and have been using them for a while here they are !

Tresemme Heat Defence Spray

This spray has become my best friend! It protects your hair from heat upto 230 degrees which is sooo useful for my GHD'S and my curling irons. I spray this on my wet hair before drying and then again in my dry hair before straightening/curling. The pump type spray gives a really good amount of product and it smells nice.
This is sold for £4.28 in Boots.

Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly

I use this when i wear my hair in its natural curls, this leaves my curls bouncy all day and doesnt leave that crunchy feeling. Its also really light so it doesnt pull your curls down.
I use a fairly good amount of this on towel dryed hair and scrunch it using my hands, i then dry my hair with a diffuser.
This retails for £4.79 in Boots also but you can quite often find it in Umberto Giannini deals like 3 for 2!

Tresemme Restructing Deep Conditioner

I have only been using this for the past few weeks since having my extensions done. I was aware that to keep my extensions keep their shine and feel soft i had to use a good conditioner as they dont get the natural oils like my own hair.
The first time i used this i was sooo shocked at how soft it left my hair feeling!
This is a huge tub and retail for £4.98 in Asda, definately worth the money!


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

MAC blending brush Vs Bobbi Brown eye blender

Hey girls, I'd say that a blending brush is my second most important brush after my foundation one. So i thought i would do a quick review and comparison of my two fave.

Bobbi Brown eye blender brush and MAC 224 blending brush.

I purchased both of these last year and i love them both equally. Ive tried several different brands including ones from No7 and GOSH, but these are at the top. They both look similar and kind of do the same job.

As you can see the bobbi brown brush hairs are alot longer and not as dense as the MAC one, this can make it a little harder to control but still does the job.
I use the MAC brush for blending eye shadows together and blending out the crease and then prefer to use the Bobbi Brown one after to soften all the colours out as the longer hairs help to do this.
The MAC brush is priced at £21.00 and the Bobbi Brown at £25.00
They are both definately worth the money in my eyes as i always blend out my shadow but if you dont do this everyday the price tag may be a little high.


Friday, 4 February 2011

Nail Art ..NOTD

Hey girls.
This nail of the day is something a bit different. Ive never tried nail art as to be honest i dont have the patience..but i was in boots and found these nail art designs and this is how it turned out !

I painted my nails with Rimmel 60 seconds polish in "rose libertine" and chose the star pattern to put on my nails.
These are stickers and the packet came with about 4 sheets of different shapes, hearts, stars, jewels ect.
I just stuck them where i liked at painted over them with a topcoat as stated and there we have it!


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My 5 Must Haves from MAC!

Hey girlsss!
I thought it would be pretty cool to do a top 5 of my MUST have products from MAC ever.
These are my favourite products that i couldnt live without! Obviously i love more than 5 but these are my top top 5 !

Mineralize Skinfinish

This is a definate must have! they come in a great range of shades and are sooo soft.
They are best used for setting your foundation and touching up through the day. They blend beautifully and just leave your skin feeling flawless.

Creme d'Nude Lipstick

Probably one of the most popular MAC lipstick. The most perfect nude colour the best finish (cremesheen ) in my opinion lol!
I know there are thousands of other brands selling lipstick in gorgeous colours but i always find myself coming back to mac lipsticks as they really are the best quality.

224 Blending Brush

My fave MAC brush ever, i couldnt live without this, i use it every single day to blend out my crease colour and its perfect.
Again there is lots of other brands bringing out blending brushes, but this has to be the best.
It is perfect size, density and very worth the money!

Creme Cup Lipstick

Of course i had to add another lipstick. Creme Cup is my fave pink, its such a pretty baby pink colour and again a cremesheen.
They apply perfectly and last a long amount of time. You must have well moisterised lips before wearing these colours as they will show dry lips very clearly.

Satin Taupe Eyeshadow

My go-to colour. This is most used colour from both of my palettes and i love it! Its again one of MAC's most popular eyeshadows.
Mac describes it as "Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer" it applies so softly and blends out amazingly with the 224. This looks great as an all over lid colour blended or with another colour in the crease.

Should i do a 5 must have MAC lipsticks?


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Viva Glam Gaga II .. a nude.

Hey Girls Mac is teaming up with Gaga again to launch a second viva glam Gaga but this time its a nude and i cant wait! Here is the promo pic.

I think it is going to be stunning, and as the first it is going to be for charity. There is also a corresponding lipglass like the viva glam gaga original.
It is released is the US Feb 17th and unfortunately for us UK'ers not until March.

Will you be buying this?


Saturday, 29 January 2011

6 new nail polishes!!

Hey girls, this week i got 6 new nail polishes!
I picked up 3 online from the ebay store beautyzone2007, which is from the US, then a few from the drugstore.

I dont have swatches yet as i got these today and the lighting is now rubbish so photos wont work out! I will probably do a few as my next NOTD though!

First up OPI- my private jet. (black with tiny glitter)
From the ebay store, it ended up at about £6 included postage from the US which is really good.

OPI - senorita rose-alita (pink with gold shimmer)
From the same ebay shop at about £5

Colour Club - Wild at Heart (holographic purple)
As above!

GOSH - Holographic
Bought from Superdrug it was half price at £2.49
(picture courtsey of pearls and poodles blog)

Maybelline Pro forever strong polish - dusky pink colour. (sorry it has no colour name)
Superdrug for arounds £4.50

Barry M Dusky Mauve
Superdrug £2.99

Which would you like to see most as my next NOTD?