Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My recent nail designs..

Hey girls!

The past few weeks i thought i would switch up my boring one colour nails and try some nail art. I have never really tried before just because i thought i wouldnt be that good or because im too impatient.
I tried doing some leopard nails last week and this is how it turned out..

Now i certainly know these are not was my first time at them and i liked them for the fact id never tried it before. I used topshop "big smoke" as the base colour, a random white rimmel colour and then liquid eyeliner, i got lots of compliments whilst i had my nails like this and i loved it ! Next time i am going to make the leopard spots as such a lot smaller and also do some gold ones aswell as white!

next i used my barry m instant nail effects for the first time! i got it the day it was released but ive never been sure if i actually like the crackle look or not. Since then i keep seeing swatches and reviews of the new china glaze crackle polishes so i thought it would use it !

I actually like how this came out, i only painted a really thin coat as i wanted the crackles to be small not really chunky. The base coat colour is chine glaze "cheers to you". I do really like this now and regret not using it sooner!

Do you have any crackle polishes?