Tuesday, 8 February 2011

MAC blending brush Vs Bobbi Brown eye blender

Hey girls, I'd say that a blending brush is my second most important brush after my foundation one. So i thought i would do a quick review and comparison of my two fave.

Bobbi Brown eye blender brush and MAC 224 blending brush.

I purchased both of these last year and i love them both equally. Ive tried several different brands including ones from No7 and GOSH, but these are at the top. They both look similar and kind of do the same job.

As you can see the bobbi brown brush hairs are alot longer and not as dense as the MAC one, this can make it a little harder to control but still does the job.
I use the MAC brush for blending eye shadows together and blending out the crease and then prefer to use the Bobbi Brown one after to soften all the colours out as the longer hairs help to do this.
The MAC brush is priced at £21.00 and the Bobbi Brown at £25.00
They are both definately worth the money in my eyes as i always blend out my shadow but if you dont do this everyday the price tag may be a little high.