Thursday, 11 November 2010

A few new purchases..

I popped into my local Boots today just for a look around, not going for anything specific.
Here is what i picked up..

I have heard about the "good things" skin care range before but have never actually tried anything from the line. I decided to pick up the Mattifying moistuiser. It smells devine, and the tube is pretty big so for £7.99 i think this is a really good buy, i will update you in a week so about how i find the product on my skin.

The next is the Umberto Giannini range, i got backcomb in a bottle ages ago and i love it, i have repurchased it a few times, and next really wanted the dry shampoo, so thats what i got , i have heard such good reviews about it im hoping it will take over my love for Batiste.In Boots at the moment its 2 UG products for £7.50 , so considering 1 product is £5.50 i thought it would be silly not to pick up something else, so i chose the extreme hairspray, i actually havent read a review about this at all, but im a sucker for volume and big hair, so im hoping this was a good buy!