Sunday, 31 October 2010

In's and Out's

Hey girls just thought i'd do a quick whats in and whats out in my world!


  • Nail polish- im so into polish at the moment i went off it for a while and stuck to french style but im loving colour !
  • X Factor - Who couldnt love the x-factor, my fave is Rebecca fellow scouse :)
  • Christmas feeling-its getting closer and will start my christmas shopping soon!
  • Scented candles - lovelovelove my room smelling of spiced apples
  • MAC pro palette loving - currently obsessed in filling as many eyeshadow palettes as i can haha 

  • Halloween - sorry but i never do anything for halloween and find it a bit overrated!
  • models own "snow white" - this polish was sooo streaky i gave up
  • Work - working when people are on half terms is the worst thing ever, wanting to be somewhere else when you cant be :(
  • waiting 5 months for Florida- SUCKS. 
  • Odd socks - losing all my fluffy socks and wearing odd colours.