Thursday, 21 October 2010

favourite youtube guru??

hey everyone, i thought i would just do this quick post to see who everyones fave youtube guru is, and some good new recommendations for me!
I have been watching gurus for probably about a year now, maybe a little over and i love it! i love watching new tips and especially hauls. I dont know about everyone else but i have a favourite few that im subscribed to and i tend to just watch out for their new videos and never search for new gurus i have never seen before.

 My favourite are:
  • Elle & Blair Fowler
  • lollipop26
  • xsparkage
  • makeupbytiffanyd
  • makeupbymel
  • fleurdeforce
My all time fave was Michele1218 for she recently quit and that makes me really sad :(

Do you guys share any of my favourites? if not what are yours.